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Vintage 1940s /1950s 24" Towne Leather Suitcase / Bag with Irish Linen Interior

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This is a Vintage 1940's / 1950's. 24" Towne Leather Suitcase / Bag with Irish Linen Interior.

Based on the appearance and information found online, we believe the suitcase is circa 1940s / 1950s.

The suitcase measures 24" long x 20" high x 8" deep.

The bag is secured by a pair of flip up latches. To release each latch grasp the small part with the key hole above and below and twist. The horizontal latch adjacent will then popup for opening. As found there is no key and the suitcase is offered as found in that regard.

The Towne metal maker's label in on the top of the case as seen. There is also an oval metal plaque for monogramming that has not been engraved.

The inside is lined with cream / white Irish linen including two zippered sections. "GENUINE IRISH LINEN LINING"

The bag is in fairly good condition with the following issues to be noted:

some overall wear, scuffing, and variation in the patina as seen. Please review the photos and make your own assessment of the overall condition of the leather.
the leather on the handle is worn away where the underlying metal rings on the handle connect the handle to the hardware on the bag.
there is wear, some scratching, and variation in the patina on the surface of the metal clasps.
The lining material is in okay condition with an obvious stain where some type of toiletry opened during travel.
The bag is offered as found / as seen / as described. Please review the photos to make your own assessment of the condition as well.

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