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Vintage / Antique Solid Brass Andirons Fireplace Insert Wood Log Holders Cannonball– Colonial Early American Style

Regular price $325.00
Very nice set of solid brass cannonball andirons with cast iron log holders

Height: 18-1/4 Inches; Width: 8-1/2Inches Wode x 19" Depth

These Andirons are in great solid condition. They show age and have a beautiful patina. They are amazing, large and heavy! This will be perfectly at home in a lodge, cottage or cabin as well as a king's castle! Quite a statement!

I don't know exactly how old they are. They could very well be antiques.

Each one measures: 17" tall x 7.75" wide at the base / feet and the cannonball is 3" wide and it is 18" deep to the back of the log holders to the front face of the andiron. The flat section that holds the log is 12.5" long.
Ships by FedEx ground.

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